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    Analytics is a Need, Not an Option for Retail Supply Chain 4.0

    Retail has been turned on its head. From how supply chains are managed to the way people ...

    7 May | 6 min read

    A Candid Discussion on Digital Transformation and Data Management Strategies with Industry Leaders

    7 May | 4 min read

    Predictive Analytics for Retail Business Forecasting

      The concept of 'forecasting' is not new. Business analysts have been making forecasts ...

    2 May | 6 min read

    5 Ways to Jumpstart Big Data Analytics for SMEs

    Data storage and analytical solutions are now available at more SME-friendly prices with ...

    30 Apr | 12 min read

    How Blockchain Technology Can Improve AI And Keep It In Check

    Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have become two powerful trends in recent years. ...

    11 Apr | 4 min read

    “How Do I Best Use Data Analytics to Drive Business Strategies?"

    9 Apr | 5 min read

    Unlocking Sales Potential with Data Analytics

    The avalanche of data requires sales leaders to rely on data analytics to convert raw ...

    25 Mar | 4 min read

    Data Analysis: 4 Broad Techniques & How They Can Be Applied

    Implementing data analytics can often feel like jumping into a deep dark hole — which is ...

    15 Mar | 4 min read

    SMEs: Invest in Data or be Left Behind

    Data, data, data. No matter which industry you are in, you have likely come across ...

    25 Feb | 3 min read

    How Data Analytics is Transforming HR Practices

    Firms experience internal complications annually, such as key staff leaving and business ...

    20 Feb | 3 min read

    How Does Data Science Give Companies The Competitive Edge?

    We provide you with a simple explanation of the different applications of data science to ...

    19 Feb | 5 min read

    How Data Analytics Transforms Logistics

    With the advancement of data analytics, companies that adopt the latest analytics tools ...

    31 Jan | 4 min read

    Our Top 7 Data Analytics Trends for 2019

    (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash) 2018 saw an increased awareness of the importance of ...

    31 Jan | 6 min read

    What SMEs Can Learn From E-Comm Giants When It Comes To Growth

    "If you’re not innovating, you are going backwards.” 

    24 Jan | 5 min read

    5 Clever Ways Data Analytics Can Help Your Business

    What’s the first image you have when it comes to data analytics? Complicated line graphs ...

    22 Jan | 7 min read

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