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    How Can Leaders “Turn On” Data Analytics to Accelerate Business Performance?

    The amount of data your company produces will likely double over the next 24 months, and ...

    3 Sep | 7 min read

    How to Develop an Analytics Strategy for the Long-Term: A High-Level Introduction to Data Strategy

    Implementing analytics for the long-term is not an easy feat. Holistic planning is ...

    20 Aug | 8 min read

    Harnessing Customer Profiling to Improve Your Sales Pipeline

    Customer segmentation and profiling are easy-to-approach data analytics techniques that ...

    19 Aug | 9 min read

    How To Identify Sales Leads With Data Analytics

    Finding leads is a challenge that all salespeople must overcome in order to succeed. ...

    5 Aug | 7 min read

    Business Intelligence VS Advanced Analytics - What are they and Why do they matter?

    With the endless advancements in business intelligence and data analytics, it is easy to ...

    24 Jul | 8 min read

    What is Digital Transformation?

    Unbeknownst to many, 'Digital Transformation' has been happening over the past century. ...

    23 Jul | 5 min read

    5 Key Considerations Before Adopting Analytics

    Should everyone tap into data analytics? What if one doesn't have the right resources?

    23 Jul | 7 min read

    Using Blockchain to Combat Fake News

    With so much content on different media channels and especially social media, it can be ...

    1 Jul | 5 min read

    What is Data Analytics?

    Many are confused about Data Analytics, especially when it is used together with ...

    1 Jul | 8 min read

    5 Free Data Analysis Tools to Make Accurate Decisions

    Business data analytics feature useful tools that are set to become more valuable with ...

    19 Jun | 6 min read

    Blockchain Technology Ensures Safer Databases

    The complexities of Blockchain technology have raised the barriers to widespread ...

    17 Jun | 5 min read

    5 Tips to Foster a Data-Driven Workplace Culture

    Data science solves math problems, but it's up to business people to see how the answers ...

    14 Jun | 8 min read

    Do you really need to hire a Data Scientist?

    Data analytics has been gaining hype lately, and many organisations seem to be hiring a ...

    6 Jun | 8 min read

    How Smart Businesses Use Data Analytics To Improve Revenues

    Smart businesses are using data analytics to streamline sales processes, improve sales ...

    6 Jun | 6 min read

    Supervised VS Unsupervised Machine Learning - Which Works Better For Your Company?

    Machine Learning (ML) has become almost like a quintessential capability that firms ...

    21 May | 11 min read

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