“How Do I Best Use Data Analytics to Drive Business Strategies?"



U Startup by NTUC frequently organises Startup Learning Circle events aimed at supporting various groups including professionals, managers, freelancers and startups with aspirations of being able to offer cross exchanges of services and bridging the link between startups and PMEs who are keen on carving a career in entrepreneurship.  

In March, DataVLT was privileged to be able to work alongside NTUC to share about the fundamentals of data analytics and how visionary companies can start the implementing it for accelerated business performance.  

From enlightening the audience about the differences between data science, big data and data analytics to demystifying how enterprises can leverage the same technologies cheaply, DataVLT clarified doubts about the importance of adopting data analytics quickly since it can provide companies with an added competitive advantage.

"It's not about the amount of data being generated that's important; it's what organisations do with it that counts!"


DataVLT also revealed the many benefits of firms adopting data analytics into their operations during the session. 


Akbar Ahmedour Lead Data Scientist brought the audience through the 5Vs of big data, what an analytics life-cycle looked like and shared about how the different analytical techniques could be applied for better decision making.  

Use-cases from notable companies including Netflix, United Overseas Bank and Coca-Cola were also referenced. There were lots of questions raised, doubts clarified, and the attendees walked away from the event, having gleaned meaningful insights about how data analytics can be used to better their businesses. 
In an effort to help visionary companies scale, DataVLT is offering complimentary a Feasibility Study (worth USD 2,550) for a limited time period to look into how companies can start turning their data sets into profits. Click here to find out more.  
To find out more about NTUC’s U Startup (National Trade Union's Congress) initiative, click here. 




The Forefront of Data Analytics — AI Builders of the Future 
DataVLT provides artificial intelligence as an outsource solution. We exist to help enterprises accelerate their growth through digital transformation by way of data analytics. 

Learn more at www.datavlt.com. 


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