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    Gustavo Fidel Uy

    Gustavo Fidel Uy

    Should F&B businesses ditch Excel spreadsheets?

    As the wave of digitalisation sweeps over the food and beverage industry, companies are ...

    24 Dec | 12 min read

    Big Data and Smart Data - what's the difference?

    Big data is evolving. Many are realising that being inundated with information may be ...

    4 Dec | 10 min read

    DataVLT's top 9 data and analytics trends to watch out for in 2020

    More organisations are embracing the transformative power of data analytics. But given ...

    22 Nov | 11 min read

    How Customers Benefit from Data Analytics

    Companies have long used data analytics to improve their business processes and ...

    15 Nov | 8 min read

    3 Types of Product Recommendation Systems for Retail

    Customer expectations are higher than ever. As a retailer, how can you ensure that they ...

    16 Oct | 9 min read