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    Calford Wong, Writer

    Calford Wong, Writer

    The Role of Data Analytics in Digital Transformation

    It is all too easy to get swept into the hype and jargon. But companies cannot avoid ...

    3 Sep | 5 min read

    How Smart Businesses Use Data Analytics To Improve Revenues

    Smart businesses are using data analytics to streamline sales processes, improve sales ...

    6 Jun | 5 min read

    Analytics is a Need, Not an Option for Retail Supply Chain 4.0

    Retail has been turned on its head. From how supply chains are managed to the way people ...

    7 May | 5 min read

    Predictive Analytics for Retail Business Forecasting

      The concept of 'forecasting' is not new. Business analysts have been making forecasts ...

    2 May | 6 min read

    Unlocking Sales Potential with Data Analytics

    The avalanche of data requires sales leaders to rely on data analytics to convert raw ...

    25 Mar | 4 min read

    Data Analysis: 4 Broad Techniques & How They Can Be Applied

    Implementing data analytics can often feel like jumping into a deep dark hole — which is ...

    15 Mar | 3 min read

    SMEs: Invest in Data or be Left Behind

    Data, data, data. No matter which industry you are in, you have likely come across ...

    25 Feb | 3 min read

    How Does Data Science Give Companies The Competitive Edge?

    We provide you with a simple explanation of the different applications of data science to ...

    19 Feb | 4 min read

    How Data Analytics Transforms Logistics

    With the advancement of data analytics, companies that adopt the latest analytics tools ...

    31 Jan | 3 min read

    Our Top 7 Data Analytics Trends for 2019

    (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash) 2018 saw an increased awareness of the importance of ...

    31 Jan | 5 min read

    What SMEs Can Learn From E-Comm Giants When It Comes To Growth

    "If you’re not innovating, you are going backwards.” 

    24 Jan | 4 min read

    5 Clever Ways Data Analytics Can Help Your Business

    What’s the first image you have when it comes to data analytics? Complicated line graphs ...

    22 Jan | 6 min read