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    Bhaskar Narayan Das

    Bhaskar Narayan Das

    5 Key Considerations Before Adopting Analytics

    Should everyone tap into data analytics? What if one doesn't have the right resources?

    23 Jul | 7 min read

    Using Blockchain to Combat Fake News

    With so much content on different media channels and especially social media, it can be ...

    1 Jul | 5 min read

    What is Data Analytics?

    Many are confused about Data Analytics, especially when it is used together with ...

    1 Jul | 8 min read

    Supervised VS Unsupervised Machine Learning - Which Works Better For Your Company?

    Machine Learning (ML) has become almost like a quintessential capability that firms ...

    21 May | 11 min read

    How Blockchain Technology Can Improve AI And Keep It In Check

    Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have become two powerful trends in recent years. ...

    11 Apr | 4 min read