A Candid Discussion on Digital Transformation and Data Management Strategies with Industry Leaders


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What is digital transformation? How do we develop strategies to manage the data we have? Should we hire an in-house team of Data Scientists?

Questions like the above floated around the room on 25th April 2019. Highly charismatic and armed with years of industry experience, the industry veterans gave attendees invaluable insights into the digital curve that large and small companies face while inspiring laughter at the same time.

In partnership with Blk71, Michelle, Co-Founder of DataVLT, facilitated the panel of experts consisting Prof Carol Hargreaves, Mark Jansen, John Lu and Raimondo Guerra. 

Here are some highlights that were shared during the candid session:


John Lu 

Director, Lifestyle & Sector Transformation, IMDA

In order for people to start sharing data, there needs to be a level of trust. The Singapore Government has developed a Data Protection Trustmark Certification so that companies can do more with available data.


Raimondo Guerra 

Former Head of Strategic Innovation, RGAX

People often think that companies have a lot of data, but in reality, they may lack the relevant data or have very little of it; hence, there isn't much they can do with it.


Carol Hargreaves 

Director, Data Analytics Consulting Centre, NUS

The way companies clean their data forms a crucial part of their data strategy. You may have 20,000 data points, but only 20 may be relevant to your data strategy. 


Mark Jansen

Partner, TMT, Data & Analytics Leader, PwC

Data drives business, and not technology. Knowing what the critical data that drives your strategy and how you can harness this is the first step in the transformation journey. 


Special thanks to our speakers for making the session possible and sharing how SMEs can better manage their data in their digital transformation journeys. 

Stay tuned for video recordings of the session! 


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